Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we ask for your social ID?

Peruse these frequently asked questions about this initiative. If unanswered, consult the knowledge base and/or initiate a support request. This helps to increase the scope and usefulness of the FAQ. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of this unique book?

It’s to help people free themselves from the bonds of traditional thinking, and lack of income. You will also be able to scratch the itch, whereby you’d like to help worthy causes, without having to make donations. Money you don’t have anyway. Basically the book can be described as such: If you are unhappy with your current circumstances – move – you are not a tree. In other words, get the book now, and put it into action.

What's in the book, and how will it help me?

You can see the table of contents, and summary of every chapter. There are 45 niche topics, that lead to optional membership sites. Pick and choose the initiatives that interest you, and take it from there. All 45 initiatives are free to join, with a free trial period, to get a zero-cost head start. You have nothing to lose.

How can I make some money with this book?

Simply login, and you will be instantly issued an affiliate link. Share the website using the social icons on the left of every page. Note how your affiliate link is automatically included in the shared link. Basic users earn 10% of £4.99 for every successful book sale. If you choose to buy the book, your commission rate will be increased to 50% for every successful sale. Fortune favours the brave. Click here and learn how to earn! 

What's a successful sale, and how will I know?

As and when you share links with your affiliate ID attached, we track everything in real time. If someone pays us £4.99 as a result of your referral, you will instantly get a notification via email. The notification will say the referral is Unverified. Once their payment goes through OK, the referral is marked to Verified. We then credit 10% of that £4.99 to your total. Keep an eye on your affiliate account, and be sure to set notifications to ON.

Is this MLM or some kind of Pyramid Scheme?

Nope on both counts. Affiliate marketing has NOTHING to do with multi-level marketing. Bought something from Amazon lately? Guess what, the Amazon empire, was built using the revenue sharing business model. Affiliate programs are ethical ways to promote products. Click here to learn more, and how it works for you.

Is this based on Blockchain, Crypto or NFT?

Not at all. We have nothing against blockchain. However, if you have invested in Crypto or NFT, Google “Fools Gold“. Rather invest £4.99 (in yourself) here, and get an instant, constant return on investment.

What if I don't want to login with my social ID?

That’s cool. Trust no-one. The irony is, that you have already sold your soul to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and/or Google. All we do with your social ID, is extract your First, Lastname and Email. We CANNOT post anything to your walls. We only use social login, to keep anonymous idiots out. That goes a long way to keep our Community sane. Join us! If not, we’ve got you covered. Get the book in ePub format, and/or hardcopy.

Why should I pay heed to the author of this book?

He is just a normal guy, who has been around for six decades. In that time, Herby has made many mistakes, survived and thrived. Sure, you do not have to listen to any of the advice dispensed in the book, except perhaps this one thought ~ if someone takes the time to point out all the dog poop in your way, and you choose to ignore it, have fun scraping it off with a stick. Herby is showing you piles of poop, and providing said stick. He offers many ways to earn some extra money, without you having to figure it out. You decide.

But I'm smarter, and already know all this stuff!

That’s cool, and you are most welcome too. Join our Community, and allow us to learn, something from you!

So, what's the catch, Mr. Unlimited Income?

There is no catch, Mr. & Mrs. Skeptic. We see your scars. Burned by false promises of rapid wealth. We note your dusty wallet, emptied by the Sweet Talkers. You are broke, disheartened, and downright suspicious. We get it. Now, do like the Japanese, fall down 7, stand up 8. Click here. It will cost you nothing, but a bit of time, Mr. Miss. Mrs. Try-Once-More. Patch up your knees, get back on your bike, and start peddling. To success!

I'm in. When will you pay me and how?

We pay our affiliates on the 15th of every month, at least 30 days after the referral date. Set yourself up early with a Wise Account. That’s how the money gets to you. Keep track of your stats and commissions.

What do I have to bear in mind?

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not a lottery. There is work involved, but it’s not all that hard. Get involved in the Community. Other readers, will show you the way. Affiliate marketing is all about sharing!