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Just an ordinary guy, with the good fortune of surviving, and thriving through six decades. Making many mistakes, accumulating experience, and now giving back. Illuminating the path for others.


Herby Olschewski

Herby Olschewski


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A product of South Africa. Born in 1963. Childhood was black and white, but soon turned to colour. The terrestrial globe was an object of fascination. Listening to shortwave radio since the age of six. New languages, cultures, interesting places. Travelling the world from 1986, and still going strong. Digital nomad. Can travel ~ live ~ work  ~ anywhere. Home is where the heart is. Finally found love.


Tripping out the house electricity, since the age of 7. Disassembling anything with internal wires. Built first computer in 1977. Started coding in BASIC, and eventually 13 programming languages. Capable on 15 hardware platforms, 10 operating systems, from mainframes to personal computer. Database administrator in 12 flavours, and 4 CAD packages. Still on the leading edge of technology.


Discovered the information highway in 1982. Learned early that an IP address, was not a place to pee. Fortunate to be working near C.E.R.N. in 1989, and listening to WWW talks, directly from Tim Berners-Lee. Opened an Internet Café in Geneva, circa 1993. Provided Internet training, consulting for many years, watching (with dismay) the commercialization of the Web. Greed, power, monopoly.


Devoid of obtrusive advertising, this was an attractive alternative. A great way to monetize the Web, without adverts, spam, nor MLM. Keeping it fair in revenue share, has been the author’s obsession since 1996. Creating the Internet Affiliate Marketing Association in 1999. Failed. It’s easier to herd a thousand cats. Never losing hope, has been resurrected, and the mission is to teach, the perceived mystery of residual revenue. It’s not difficult. Most people use it every day. Companies like Amazon were built on the revenue share business model. Anyone, anywhere can participate & earn.


Now retired, but never busier, the author is keen to give back. Helping others, find their way towards financial freedom. Success is not all about money, but money is what makes the world go round. To that end, there are now 45 initiatives in place, that enable anyone, anywhere to generate residual revenue, while caring for the world around us. Herby is fully disposed to those who wish to help change the status quo. Together we can create more synergy, foster community, and generate revenue, for everyone concerned. Rather teach how to fish. Charity begins at the cash register.


Many of the initiatives in this book, reflect various concerns of the author. There is no Planet B. Having learned how to pick up plastic, from an early age, Herby has continued that trend going on seven decades. Getting involved with every conservation project, within conceivable reach. Walking countless dogs, trapped in animal shelters, and catching feral cats for sterilization. He has the scars. The hardest task of all, was walking anti-rhino patrols in South Africa, for three years. A tragic, first-hand experience, of just how fudged up we are, as a supposedly humane society. Shame on us.


An accomplished nautical navigator, keen adventurer, the author finds sanctuary on the high seas. Currently putting together plans for a 170 foot explorer yacht. The readers of this book are invited to come along, virtually and/or in person. We are looking for capable crew members/readers to enlist.


Commercial MEL IFR pilot, and head always in the skies, this skill is being put to good use. Several of the initiatives in this book, use wings to further the cause. Flying abandoned pets from kill to no-kill shelters, food, and vet bills. Herby hopes this will off-set carbon footprint sins, and begs forgiveness.


Herby Olschewski



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