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My mission is to help people from all walks of life gain financial independence, while caring for the world around us. I believe charity begins at the cash register. It’s about earning, caring, and sharing. Generating residual income for everyone concerned, by following an easy, self-rewarding strategy. This book empowers those that seek alternatives to the high cost “I’ll show you my secret to making money online!” promises, which is in fact, the exact secret. In contrast, this book will show you 45 clear ways to ACTION your way to financial success. Not hype you up with dreams, give you vague ideas, expecting you to go forth, and make money miracles. Keeping it real, to reap real rewards.


The intended audience is anybody, anywhere in the world, who yearns to learn the art of living freely. Looking at life from your point of view: scholars & students; employment seekers; already employed, but always broke; single & stay-at-home parents; administrators & managers; retrenched & retired folks; and successful super affiliates. No technical skills required. Nothing to stock, nor sell.


In addition, each of the 45 initiatives here, whichever you choose, is something meaningful. How to become more productive, travel widely, become a global village citizen, and help others. We show you how to generate extra income for yourself, while supporting worthy causes, at the same time. Preserve your heritage, promote local arts and culture. There is something for pilots, sailors, and motorheads. While you may not identify with all the 45 initiatives, please give them some thought.


It’s more than likely that several of the chapters will resonate with you: feeding the hungry, finding jobs, assisting and clothing the homeless, affordable healthcare, literature, sports, education and mentoring children. We focus on renewable energy, ecommerce, gardens, farms, saving our trees and helping bees. There is emphasis on helping homeless cats and dogs, speeding up pet adoption, protecting birds, relocating horses and donkeys into sanctuaries, liberating zoos and circus animals.


Turning more towards creature comforts for humans, we treat ourselves with stays in homes away from home and go on luxury cruises. These cool trips cost money, but we empower you to generate significant income, with affiliate programs. Guiding you towards merchants that are known to keep it fair in revenue share. Social and business networking are actively encouraged, with quality meetups and events, around the world. By reading, and completing the chapters of this book, you will master The Art of Living Freely, and certainly be a worthy member of Club SYNERGY. I welcome you heartily!

Herby Olschewski

Herby Olschewski


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